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The action of the 2. This rod is also a good choice for vertical jigging. A perfect lure control, lure presentation and bite detection are guaranteed also at difficult surroundings. Thanks to the strong backbone you can set the hook instantaneously also over great distances. The premium and very lightweight HVF carbon fiber blanks feature the X45 technology and catapult lures of g or g over long distances with ease, thus ensuring a perfect presentation and control. Maximum fun is guaranteed!

The very stiff action allows the optimal presentation of jerkbaits up to g. The 1. Both models feature a trigger reel seat and are designed for the use of multiplier and baitcasting reels.

The name “Tatula” stands for outstanding quality as well as latest technologies and innovation since years. The accurate scanning of bottom structures is of enormous importance when fishing for perch and zander with softplastic lures. The recognition of extremely hard and soft ground is a huge advantage when it comes to finding the right spots! Also the presentation of softbaits and twitching with hardbaits is considerably easier with a fast and stiff blank.

The Tatula rods unite particularly these features. The fast and very stiff blank made of SVF carbon fiber combined with the exclusive X45 technology of DAIWA allow the design of fast and very tough rods, which almost leave no wish unfulfilled.

The V-Joint spigot joint is the foundation of a truly harmonic bending curve and additionally supports the fast and even bending curve of the Tatulas. Equipped with lightweight Fuji Alconite guides, Fuji reel seat and premium split EVA handle section, these rods appear quite modern and offer large power reserves. A very hard backbone in combination with a very fast action enables astonishing casting distances, perfect lure control and allows setting the hook without delay.

Depending on the casting weight these rods are perfectly suited for fishing for pike, zander and perch with both hard and soft baits. The extremely slim and lightweight blanks feature an astonishing handling experience and allow pleasant fishing for hours.

To achieve these properties our engineers used blanks, which are manufactured by applying latest DAIWA technologies. The HVF Nanoplus technology describes a blank with a high amount of carbon fiber at the resin.

The addition of these carbon fiber elements enables the design of tough and fast rods. The X45 design prevents unwanted twists during the cast and ensures high resilience and thus a perfect lure control as well as high accuracy. The spigot joint with DAIWA V-joint technology cares for highest stability, an even bending curve as well as very slim blanks.

The special processing of the carbon fiber leads to an extraordinary surface, which reflects in the sunlight and together with the premium AAA cork handle and the Fuji reel seat complete the premium appearance of this exceptional rods.

The Ballistic X spin rods for heavier casting weights are ideally suited for twitching of hardbaits and jigging of heavy plastic lures – perfect for fishing for perch, pike, asp and zander with stickbaits or when lower water layers shall be scanned with heavy lures. The well-balanced HVF carbon fiber blanks are very handy, react quickly during the fight and offer very long and precise casts thanks to their X45 carbon fiber construction and the Fuji O-guides.

The Ballistic X spinning rods are equipped with Fuji DPS reel seat and Fuji O-guides, so you get premium quality for an outstanding price-performance ratio. The light and extra fast blanks are suitable for twitching of hardbaits like small to medium poppers and plugs, as well as for vertical jigging.

During the fight the fast blanks opens up to a semi-parabolic bending curve and thus absorbs flights and headbutts of powerful salmonids. The V-joint spigot joint ensures a very even bending curve under strain. This series comprises four rods art. Perfect for light lure fishing with small plugs and spoons of cm. The three models with tubular tip art. These rods are very convenient to handle and allow long casting distances also with small and lightweight lures.

The three UL models are also suited for fishing for coregones and chars with nymph-systems and for ultra-light drop shot fishing! The Freams series has been especially conceived for fishing for sea trout as well as for casting over long distances. These rods are also successfully applicable for fishing with softbaits and at drop shot fishing.

Remotely located perch and zanders can be targeted effectively with high precision. Thanks to the use of latest materials and technologies, like HVF carbon fibers, X45 carbon fiber design and the V-Joint spigot joint it was possible to design extraordinarily lightweight and robust rods with harmonic bending curves and high resilience.

The model with 2. The 3. Especially the perfect balance of the blank has been the focus at the construction of these rods — for that reason balance weights have been integrated particularly at the handle of the 2.

Convenient fishing for hours and optimal lure control is guaranteed! The compact pack size of 67cm or 75cm allows easy transportation in the suitcase or rucksack. Perfectly designed V-Joint connections care for an even bending curve and provide additional toughness. The balance and action are hard to distinguish from a premium two-sectioned spinning rod.

Consequently, these rods exhibit the perfect characteristics to target remote spots also with small lures of only 3—12gr and to set the hook over long distances. The soft tip is ideally suited for sensitive bite detection with the Cheburashka rig. Any contact with the lure, bottom or fish is instantly transmitted to the handle section, enabling the scanning of bottom structures and the immediate reaction to even softest taps.

Perfect for perch, asp, trout or chub! Quality components, like the lightweight titanium oxide guides with slim inlays and the AAA-grade natural cork handle significantly contribute to the pleasant balance of these rods.

The high modulus carbon fiber blank transmits the lure action, as well as ground and fish contact, instantly to the handle section and offers enough power to set the hook also over long distances. The semi- parabolic blank excellently loads during the cast and allows enormous casting distances with lures from g. The soft action of the tip buffers sudden flights, headbutts and jumps easily, especially in the close distance, and reliably prevents unhooking.

Thanks to the convenient handling this rod allows fatigue-free fishing over hours. These tips, which are almost unbreakable under normal fishing conditions, catapult ultra-small lures to good casting distances and reliably indicate also softest taps. The models with 2. Due to the fast blanks the Fuego Camo rods are especially suited for jigging with soft plastic lures. These rods feature a modern look due to the trendy gray color and are equipped with an original Seaguide reel seat and premium camouflage EVA handles.

The premium reel seat from the Seaguide Alien concept allows instant contact to the blank due to the lateral pockets, which optimize lure presentation and bite detection. The ergonomic shape of the reel seat further guarantees comfortable handling and enables permanent fun at fishing.

Equipped with light titanium oxide guides. The action of the rods is designed to facilitate great casting distances with shads, plugs or spoons of 50gr or 60gr. Despite their short division in four sections these rods are very fast and durable, feature a comfortable handling and display an even bending curve powered by the V-Joint design, which otherwise is only known from two-sectioned rods.

The slim and well-balanced HVF carbon fiber blank features a pleasant handling, enables long casts and cares for a precise bite detection. During the fight the quick blanks offer enough power reserves to direct also large specimen securely.

The V-Joint spigot joint cares for an even bending curve and extra stability under strain. Equipped with titanium oxide guides and premium Japan-style EVA handle! These rods are real all-rounders. Ideal for fishing with softplastic lures, plugs, spoons and spinners. The handle section offers great power reserves to be able to force even big fish during the fight. CW cl. The thin carbon fiber blank is very handy and well balanced and offers a great contact to the lure.

Especially when using with soft plastic lures you can perfectly scan the ground conditions and detect every softest tap.

The action and bending curve of the strong backbone have been designed to provide pure fun at the fight while reducing losses at the same time. X-Wraps at the blank surface contribute to the torsion resistance, enlarge the precision of casts and provide stability at the fight with large specimen. The fast HVF blank transmits every movement of the lure, ground conditions and contact to the fish directly to the handle and thus enables a prompt setting of the hook.

The Ninja X jiggerspin rods are also perfectly suited for usage with small spoons and spinners. The small, orange varnish at the tip guide enables a good bite detection even under difficult light conditions.

Due to the short closed length, these rods can be transported easily with the bicycle or in the train and can be used perfectly at hardly accessible waters. The length of 1. The blank and the titanium oxide double leg guides of the Ninja X Kids also withstand toughest strains. Available in two colors — blue art. The broad range covers a multitude of casting weights and lengths, thus providing the proper rod for every situation at spin fishing.

The blank is extraordinary within this price segment and significantly contributes to the pleasant handling of these rods. The models of 40g casting weight and above offer a quick and stiff action, which leads to a perfect lure control and bite detection, particularly when softbaits and plugs are used.

The models with less than 40g casting weight have a somewhat softer action, which is a special advantage when fishing for aggressive predators like salmonid species, perch or chub. Instant and heavy flights are absorbed easily and the threat of losses is drastically reduced. The X-wrap at the blank makes these rods even stronger and more distortion-proof.

Equipped with titanium oxide guides, modern handle made of EVA and rod bag. The sensitive but robust glass fiber tip with white night-glow vanish indicates also softest bites while the strong backbone supports the fight with rebellious eels and capital specimen also at strong current or at waters with submerged structure. The Crossfire Eel rods are also the proper choice for occasional sea fishing with paternoster systems of natural baits. The skeleton reel seat reduces the weight of the rods, is pleasant to handle and facilitates controlling the lure action at fishing.

The highly parabolic blanks already load very well at weights around 2g and allow reaching great casting distances. Thanks to their action these rods offer a spectacular fight with the fish.

The fluo-orange tip supports the detection of soft bites at low light conditions. Perfect for shads and plugs from cm! The newly developed very slim blanks are pleasantly well-balanced and the fast actions are hard to distinguish from the ones of considerably pricier carbon fiber blanks. Equipped with aluminum-oxid guides, which are suited for the use with braided lines, the Sweepfire rods offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.

The almost unbreakable spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip reliably indicates also softest bites and together with the strong backbone forms a functional alliance to securely net also large specimen with light tackle. The distinct tip action enables long casting distances also with very small lures. Travel rods are trendy — these short-sectioned rods can be conveniently transported in a space-saving way. This eliminates the need for unhandy und expensive transportation tubes.

Thanks to the application of spigot joints, the Megaforce rods feature an even bending curve, which is hardly distinguishable from a detachable rod. The different lengths and casting weights of the Travel Spin models range from short rods for light fishing for perch and trout to spinning rods for heavy fishing for pike and zander.

The model with 5 sections and 3. The semi-parabolic high modulus carbon fiber blank has been especially designed for the use of natural baits. The blank supports the application of these kind of baits, since it gently casts thawed baitfish, dough and other delicate hookbaits to far remote spots.

The application of premium EVA material at the handle section contributes to the convenient handling of these rods. Three models with each different casting weights offer the proper choice for nearly all kind of application, regardless if fishing for tench, carp or trout with corn, worm or dough or targeting eel and zander with small baitfish.

Also the use of larger baitfish for pike is possible with the stronger models. This range comprises the proper rods for a broad field of application. Equipped with titanium oxide guides and CNC-cut reel seat. The models with a casting weight of 5—30gr and 10—40gr are a great choice for light fishing with the float for tench or trout.

When large floats or heavy sinkers are applied at fishing for carps or predators, the rods with 20—70gr or 40—gr can be applied. The somewhat softer semi-parabolic backbone of these models allows sensitive casting of delicate baits like dough or baitfish over long distances, which can be crucial for success at fishing for trout, zander, eel or pike.

At the Procaster rods premium components and an unpretentious but valuable design form an enjoyable alliance that comes at an excellent price-performance ratio. This modern specialty rod series with parabolic action offers both models for fishing over short distances, like small ponds or rough terrain, but also rods, which are capable of casting small spoons or mini plugs accurately to remote fishing spots. The models with spliced-in solid carbon fiber tip and a casting weight of 0.

The rods with casting weights of 1—6gr feature a tubular tip and thus exhibit a slightly faster and tougher action, which beyond the use of small spoons allows also presenting small softbaits and plugs— even at low current. Thanks to the special handle section with original Fuji Skeleton reel seat the angler can stay in straight contact to the blank, keeping in touch with the lure action and detecting even softest taps reliably.

During the cast these rods already perfectly load from weights of 1. During the fight the rods display a harmonic bending curve till the handle section and thus absorb flights and headshakes perfectly. Therefore, these rods are also perfectly applicable for using thin braided lines and very small lures. The fast resilience enables highly accurate casts — perfect when salmonids have to be targeted at difficult spots.

The innovative Seaguide reel seat with lateral pockets allows straight contact to the blank and leads to an even more intense feeling at fishing. The slim blanks are exceptionally well-balanced and allow very good casting distances with Sbirolinos or Bombardas.

The sensitive tip cares for an optimal bite detection and together with the semi-parabolic action leads to a harmonic bending curve. Thus, quick flights are absorbed easily and the rod is protected from overloading. Excellent rods with premium processing and a great price-performance ratio. The very slim and sensitive blanks have been exactly tailored to the requirements at active fishing for coregones from the boat.

Despite their high sensitivity, these rods also allow to set the hook reliably when fishing in great depths — also thin lines do not get overloaded by large specimen. The even and far into the handle section reaching bending curve as well as the action of the fast blank prevent unhooking during the fight with the fish reliably.

The two included carbon fiber and glass fiber tips excellently indicate also softest taps. The red tip is great for the use with sinkers of 5—10gr while the yellow tip performs perfectly with sinkers of 3—5gr. The premium cork handle in combination with the classical design provides these rods with a noble appearance. If in Spain, Italy or at your home water — with these rods you are ready for the fight with even largest catfish!

The somewhat softer and semi-parabolic action of the blanks allows the angler to exert high pressure especially during the intense fight over short distances and over deep water. Sudden flights and tail shakes of large catfish are smoothly absorbed, which prevents losses as well as material overload. The 2. The blank section above the short EVA upper handle is equipped with a shrink tube that allows safe grabbing of the blank during the fight and provides an unique feeling to the hooked fish — safe grip every time!

The original Fuji DPS reel seat reliably holds your reel also at maximum strain. The strong blank allows convenient placement of your rigs via numerous techniques. Large catfish can be controlled safely also at strong current and despite snaggy waters. The Boje models feature an ergonomic shrink tube at the upper handle section. This pleasant to grab anti-slip handle helps maintaining the pressure upon the fish all the time during the fight. Bolo rods The very lightweight blanks of these premium Bolognese rods fully load during the cast and catapult your rigs over long distances.

The quick resilience combined with the sensitive tips allow targeting the feeding spot also with very light bolo floats. Slim, wrapped titanium oxide guides support the fast action of these bolo rods and together with the premium reel seat comprise an outstanding equipment within this price range. The Exceler Catfish is equipped with a strong backbone to land also large catfish securely. The guide arrangement enables the use of fixed spool reels as well as multiplier reels.

All guides have been wrapped twice for highest strains. The round Pacbay butt cap facilitates bracing the rod at the body during the fight. With the Exceler Catfish you get a real power house for uncompromising application. Equipped with overlapping tip guide, extra-strong titanium oxide double leg guides, robust EVA handle and Pacbay butt cap.

The lightweight and well-balanced spinning rods allow the application of a broad range of lure types and sizes and have enough power to force also large catfish securely during the fight. The spigot joint is additionally enforced with metal rings and supports the even bending curve. Equipped with EVA handle section, robust titanium oxide double leg guides and round butt cap.

The powerful blank made of HVF carbon fiber material is pleasant to handle and — thanks to the strong backbone — allows to control also large specimen safely during the fight with the fish. Available in length of five, six and seven meters these modern rods can be used in ponds as well as in lakes for medium-sized carps, breams and roach.

Pole rods Telescopic pole with modern premium design. The lightweight blank is made of premium carbon fiber material and allows fatigue-free fishing for hours. The sensitive rod tips prevent overloading of thin leaders and care for maximum fun during the fight. The carbon fiber blanks of these poles are extremely lightweight and well-balanced and offer enough backbone to securely land also larger specimen. Telescopic short-sectioned pole rod. Thanks to the short sections of only 40cm these carbon fiber rods can be easily transported in every fishing bag.

Perfect for catching baitfish and spontaneous fishing trips. Ideally suited for fishing for coarse fish with maggot, corn or dough! Delivered in a handy transportation bag. The resulting basic tension thanks to the X45 technology enables a faster resilience and makes the blank more durable — very long and precise casts even under tough circumstances at the waters are possible without problems.

The original Fuji Alconite K-guides additionally contribute to an outstanding casting performance of the Cast’Izm rods. The whole blank surface is coated by a premium 3K woven carbon fiber material. Discreet, 3D-logos make the very slim rods unflashy but noble. The Cast’Izm carp rods are available in two different designs.

Classically equipped with AAA cork handle Art. FUJI reel seat Due to these lightweight guides and the premium carbon fiber material, the design of rods with very fast action and ideal resilience is possible — long and extremely precise casts are the consequence.

The Emblem blanks are very well balanced and absorb the flights of powerful fish easily. The V-Joint spigot joint ensures an optimal bending curve! Premium shrink tube at the handle, a DPS Seaguide reel seat and a dull black blank with excellently wrapped guides make this classical rod a real jewel. The 12ft. Models are equipped with a 50mm starter guide. The Emcast carp rods offer premium components within this price segment.

The action quickly reacts to fierce headbutts and escapes and reliably prevents losses. The Stalker rods are perfectly suitable for fishing over short distances and offer huge power reserves. The lower handle piece made of shrinking tube is pleasant as well as safe to handle also at strong casts. The model features a 50mm starter guide. The rods fit into a holdall of only cm length and thus are not too bulky within the car or boat. The perfect place to be for the Crosscast EXT rods are smaller waters or at fishing from the boat.

Seaguide guides with thin titanium oxide LS inlays, a Seaguide DPS reel seat, premium shrink tube at the handle as well as 1K woven carbon fiber at the blank represent an outstanding equipment for rods within this price category.

Tele carp rods The telescopic models of the successful Crosscast carp rods series are not inferior to detachable rods according design and quality. The woven carbon fiber blank offers enormous power reserves and shows a fast, distinct action, which perfectly absorbs headbutts and flights.

Also some new models have been included. Thus the Black Widow series comprises also a model with 12ft. The handle section below the reel seat is completely covered with a black shrinking tube and features a very high grip.

The slim blanks offer high power reserves, which catapult your rigs to long distances and tire also large specimen securely. Model is a marker rod, a spod rod. These parabolic rods feature an astonishing handling and the comparatively parabolic action enables the presentation of lightweight rigs and difficult baits like bread, dough etc.

The handle section offers enough reserves to tire also large specimen securely. The 10ft. Equipped with titanium oxide double leg guides. The rod displays a tip action and offers a powerful backbone — ideal for smaller waters, in rough terrain or from the boat, when great pressure is needed for landing heavily fighting fish.

Sudden flights are absorbed smoothly. The Black Widow EXT carp rods are equipped with aluminum oxide guides, fit into a holdall of only cm length and offer an outstanding price-performance-ratio! Tele carp rods The telescopic version of the successful Black Widow Carp series convinces by its slim blank with solid double-leg guides.

The blanks perfectly load at casting weights of 60g to g and therefore allow reaching long casting distances. At the fight with the fish the backbone offers large power reserves and allows to direct large specimen securely to the net. During the fight the progressive action of the rods absorbs headbutts perfectly — the threat of losses is reduced and maximum fun is ensured! The four-sectioned Ninja X carp rods art.

The telescopic Ninja X carp rods are equipped with a slim classic cork handle and are suited for targeted carp fishing as well as for coarse fishing for bream, tench or even targeting zander and pike. The result is a silky-smooth running. Despite these special cases, the cases with unpleasant winding noises are significantly decreased at reels with MagSealed, as depicted in the right figure.

If delicate salt or dirt particles penetrate the line roller, it is continuously dragged and the friction is considerably increased.

Our Exist was the first reel featuring the MagSealed line roller. The magnetic Mag Seal oil forms a barrier, which prevents the intrusion of water and therefore also of salt and dirt particles into the line roller almost entirely, which could affect the free rotation. Our engineers succeeded in further devolving the MagSealed invention to a new level.

First we sealed the axis to the greatest possible extent, then the line roller and now the ball bearing! MagSealed is a new chapter in the history of the fishing reel. Thanks to our targeted research and development, we succeeded in integrating MagSealed into a ball bearing. For a long lifespan and a silky-smooth running over a long period. A revolution! The casting distance is markedly increased.

By its special design it further reduces the weight of the innately lightweight LT spools. Since the direction of force changes permanently at the line roller, an attachment at 2 points is inevitable — at the Exist LT we use 2 ball bearings below the line roller. Reduces the starting resistance at the rotor and offers optimum sensitivity — at reduced weight and extreme toughness. The new T-Type handle knob of the Exist LT reels from size on is extremely lightweight and very pleasant to handle also with wet fingers.

The base of the DAIWA reel technology The magnetic oil barrier does not only prevent the intrusion of water, it also increases the ease of motion and the delicacy of feeling of the reel.

You feel better connected to the lure, detect softer bites and experience more sensitivity during the fight with the fish. First, the enormous strains, which affect the rotor via the line and the line roller are better distributed. This causes less pressure on the single parts of the rotor.

Comparison of distortion-proofness Air Rotor Conventional Rotor Under the same strain, a conventional rotor is much more distorted than an Air Rotor, since here the strain is scattered over the whole rotor and not concentrated to one point. The big advantage of this material is its lightness and solidity – you will feel this. Due to Zaion, it is possible to construct a lightweight reel body that durably supports the gearing.

Comparison with standard carbon-strengthened materials for reel bodies and rotors. The special, strengthening construction prevents the twisting of the line around the bail, which was a big problem for spin anglers in the past. An essential reason for line twist has been eliminated with this smart idea. Reels featuring a magnesium body and rotor are excelled by their drastically reduced weight compared to conventional aluminum reels.

Our Air Metal technology processes the magnesium in a special way, leading to full corrosion resistance, which would be not possible without this special processing. We have the perfect metal alloy, we have the more precise processing and we have the knowledge for building precise, durable and very lightweight metal reels.

We call this technology the HardBody-Z Concept. These reels have many technological advantages and they are not — compared to other synthetic reels — more expensive and in comparison to our traditional reels they have an economic price. It smoothly and efficiently transmits the power of the handle directly to the rotor.

The shape and surface of the gear teeth enable the construction of gears with extraordinary smooth running, smallest resistance and extremely long lifespan. Accuracy max. Like this the line unwinds in big loops and very evenly from the spool and thus prevents the twisting of the line. Thanks to this system also longer casts are possible.

The Ultimate Tournament Drag System includes impregnated drag discs, which are about 30 times more durable than normal discs. The effective drag power is considerably increased compared to normal drag systems. An additional advantage is the reduced start-up resistance – the drag starts working, when the adjusted drag power is reached and drags smoothly and steadily.

The ATD drag is excelled by an even more delicate drag transition and as a consequence thereof is perfectly suited for the use of braided lines. Contrasting to the UTD drag, at the ATD already at the beginning of a strike the drag starts smoothly, then increases to its pre-set drag rating in a fraction of a second, thus eliminating line breakage at the strike.

By the special position and bearing of the oscillation-gear wheels, we improved the smoothness of the gear in comparison to usual systems of similar construction. Only high- quality parts made of steel with smallest tolerances are used. CRBB ball bearings feature an 12 times higher corrosion resistance than usual ball bearings.

DAIWA continues to live its dream of developing revolutionary fishing reels: Fishing reels with low weight and easy handling, which appear like a genuine part of the body at fishing. Producing fishing reels tough enough, to withstand even harshest conditions. Now, after a long history of new challenges this dream has come true. LT Technology introduces new, reduced reel dimensions but makes them stronger than ever. Compact body design yet with tougher Digigear drive for the perfect combination of lightness and toughness.

Pick one up and feel it for yourself. A redesigned, smaller profile throughout with a tougher Digigear makes LT our lightest and toughest reels yet. Former Body size Current model comparison. Task Nr.

Carbon composite will make the reels lighter and tougher than ordinary materials. And as they are not metal, they never corrode, even in salt water use. Light, tough and highly durable – the perfect materials for long lasting reels. We studied all aspects; diameter, thickness, teeth shape and size. We experimented and tested everything one by one, refining and improving each element. LT reels provide a astonishing level of improved max. Current model comparison, Ballistic LT D: Since the first spinning reels it was common sense that the body is made up of two parts: The reel body and the body lid.

Thus the body lid has no longer to be secured with a screw and the resulting free space can be used for a larger driving wheel. To put it simple: This design allows the use of larger and thus stronger driving wheels at the same body size. The cold-forged Tough Digigear Drive Gear has been completely re-designed and guarantees due to its new teeth an enduring silky-smooth running and highest resilience even under tough strain.

Additionally the gearing noise is reduced remarkably. The one-piece Air Metal Monocoque Body is extremely rigid and provides perfect housing for the gearing.

Thanks to the oversized drive gear, a great power transmission is guaranteed – perfect for jigging with softplastic lures for pike, perch and zander. The approved MagSealed construction blocks water and debris entering the reel body via the main and the lateral axis and thus enhances the life span as well as the smooth running of the reel.

The line-clip allows both, thin braids and thick mono leaders to be easily clipped in without any damage. The extremely sensitive ATD drag system offers the necessary security to hook and net the fish undemandingly especially in extreme fishing conditions.

Monocoque Body 18 The ATD drag system ensures an instant release of the selected drag power without starting resistance. The CNC cut aluminum handle is firmly screwed at the driving wheel, leaving no room for gaps while the both MagSealed ball bearings at the side axis in combination with the MagSealed mechanism at the main shaft reliably prevent the intrusion of water and dirt particles into the reel body.

Thus the reel offers a considerably increased life span and is also perfectly suited for saltwater fishing. The monocoque body of the size additionally leads to highest durability and power transmission by the robust housing of the drive.

Therefore the size is also perfectly applicable for light jigging for cod and coalfish, where the gear ratio of 4. Worldwide each series of Certate has evolved and improved, bringing greater function, performance and user satisfaction.

The compact body design houses an enlarged Digigear and delivers a smoother and more durable drive. Monocoque Body MQ A true design marvel, our Monocoque body oers an incredibly rigid frame, resistant to torque and distortion under load. This stronger, single part structure is smaller on the outside but bigger internally than other two part reels.

Aside from that, DAIWA has perfected the reels water resistance and durability by blocking even the most micro level of impurities. This represents a brand new manufacturing concept that calculates minute details down to the impact on gear meshing from unexpected forces.

These three elements combine to achieve the Tough Digigear, offering high-level winding precision and rotation durability. The new LT reels are distinctly lighter and at the same time offer more power than the previous models.

The dimensions of the reel body have been scaled down while the retrieving power is improved by the new drive gear construction.

The distortion-proof Zaion reel body secures safe housing of the gear unit and supports the low weight of the reel. The ATD drag system features a continous and even drag power without starting resistance. The CNC cut aluminum handle is firmly screwed at the drive gear, leaving no room for gaps. The MagSealed system prevents the intrusion of water via the shaft — perfect for sea fishing — while the CNC cut Tough Digigear supports optimal retrieve power and permanent durability.

Size is delivered with a power handle knob, which is especially handy at high strains — perfect for light jigging or feeder fishing. This reel provides huge winding power and an optimal housing of the gear.

The extremely delicate running allows utmost sensitive lure presentation at spin fishing for pike, zander and perch. Thanks to the aluminum body, the reel is highly strainable and is also the proper choice for feeder fishing, where reels are stressed permanently during retrieving.

By applying the MagSealed design the intrusion of water and dirt particles via the main axis, which goes along with corrosion, is perfectly prevented. Taking into account the 5 CRBB ball bearings, this reel is also perfectly suited for fishing for seatrout and seabass. Size additionally is very well applicable for light jigging for cod and coalfish in the Baltic Sea and in Norway. Thanks to its novel design the forged aluminum Long Cast ABS spool features almost no friction resistance during the cast and enables long casting distances.

The semi-shallow spools are particularly useful for the application with braided lines. The innovative Tough Digigear design additionally cares for a better power transmission and increased toughness. The ATD drag allows instant working of the drag without starting resistance and offers large drag power. Thanks to the LT construction, the Caldia LT is considerably lighter than the previous series and features greater drag power. The outstanding smooth and subtle rotation of the Caldia LT will convince already at the first handle turn.

Thanks to the newly designed drive gear, a better power transmission and retrieving power are guaranteed. The MagSealed construction prevents the intrusion of saltwater and dust and results in a distinctly longer lifespan of the gear with continuously smooth retrieval. The high grade Zaion body provides a perfect and distortion-proof housing of the gear unit. Thanks to the wide range of models, you will find the right model for nearly all kinds of lure fishing, from ultra-light to heavy.

The MagSealed construction prevents the intrusion of water and dirt particles via the shaft and ensures a long lifespan of the drive gear with a permanent smooth and light retrieval. The ATD drag works with a minimal starting resistance and offers perfect control especially during fighting critical fish — perfect when thin braided lines are used.

The latest Tough Digigear construction enables an improved power transmission and longer durability. The Freams reels are made for fishing in fresh water as well as for fishing for seatrouts or light jigging for cod, pollack and coalfish.

The new LT concept cares for an even more secure housing of the gearing unit combined with elevated retrieving power and optimized drag power. The new design of the drive gear enables higher power transmission and enhances the durability while the ATD drag cares for an instant release of the set drag power and offers increased power.

By using DS5 carbon fiber composite material DAIWA could drastically reduce the reel weight accompanied with enhancing the robustness considerably compared to conventional ABS composite materials size — g! Thus the Fuego series offers lower weight at maximum strength. The new Tough Digigear construction allows the reduction of the reel body size combined with improved power transmission and longer durability. The newly invented Tough Digigear II with enlarged drive gear allows increased retrieval power and improves the durability at the same time.

The ATD drag works without delay and releases the set drag power without initial resistance. The drag power has been further improved — the size offers a maximum drag power of 10kg! The new Ninja LT convinces both optically and technically. The ultra-smooth and light rotation is a true highlight.

The novel Tough Digigear, which has formerly been used only within much more expensive series, provides the Ninja LT series with an improved power transmission and an even smoother retrieval compared to the previous version.

The ATD drag of the Ninja LT provides a considerably improved drag power up to 10kg and an immediate release of the drag without initial resistance — perfect once fished with thin lines and during critical situation during fighting a fish. The smooth and even rotation is a real highlight. The new Tough Digigear, with has formerly been used only at much higher price points and more expensive reels, provides a better power transmission and an even smoother rotation compared to the previous version — ideal for retrieving heavy feeders over great distances.

The ATD drag system within the Ninja LT ensures a considerably stronger drag power up to 10kg as well as instantant performance without higher starting resistance. The Longcast ABS aluminum spool enables extra-long casting distances.

The reels are extremely light weight and well balanced and provide a smooth rotation that you are usually just used from much more expensive models. The Regal LT are real all-round talents that can be sued for nearly all types of fresh water fishing from lure fishing to bottom fishing and light feeder fishing. The high quality majora paint changes its color like a chameleon, depending on the angle of light and makes this series to a real gem made by DAIWA.

Thanks to the LT concept, smaller reel bodies can be applied while maintaining the spool size, thus reducing the weight of the reels considerably for permanently fatigue-free fishing.

The aluminum Long Cast ABS spool causes less friction at the cast and optimizes the casting performance. The Tough Digigear offers a silky-smooth running and huge retrieving power. The line lay is exemplary and also suitable for the use of extremely thin braided and monofilament lines. Depending on the size, perfectly suited for pike, zander, carp, trout and — in large sizes — also for cod and coalfish. This reel is a real all- rounder for feeder fishing or stalking, for fishing for barbels as well as for spin fishing.

The aluminum reel body cares for optimal housing of the gear and permanent smooth running. The supersized anti reverse lever is easy to grasp at critical situations during the fight with the fish, allowing convenient switching to backwinding.

The Long Cast ABS aluminum spool offers less friction resistance at the cast and increases the casting distance. The spring-loaded HIP line clip offers optimal safety to act precisely in the targeted area. The large EVA handle knob offers optimal grip and perfect transmission at retrieving. The QD drag system allows instant adoption to critical situations during the fight with the fish.

The drag power has been increased considerably to 12kg at both sizes. The Digigear II cares for optimum retrieving power — perfect, when heavy feeder rigs have to be winded in over long distances. The HardBodyZ aluminum body cares for a secure housing of the gear and thus increases the lifespan. Also thin or braided lines can be securely fixed by the spring-mounted HIP line clip.

Thanks to the foldable reel handle, the mounted rod can be conveniently transported in a rod bag. The extra-large anti-reverse lever can be reached easily and quickly, thus enabling convenient backwinding during the fight with the fish. The Hardbody Z aluminum body cares for a permanent distortion-proof housing of the gear, which considerably increases the lifespan of the reel, especially at the application of heavy feeder rigs.

The QD drag system allows you to react to changing fishing conditions within seconds while the Digigear II ensures smooth running and high power transmission during the fight with fish and when retrieving the rig. The Longcast ABS aluminum spool enables long and targeted casts. The novel 25mm spool stroke combined with the compact reel body, the large spool diameter and the large retrieving power is the perfect choice especially for feeder fishing. The Zaion reel body cares for an optimal and distortion-proof housing of the gear and permanently smooth running.

The bail is turned by hand. The 25mm spool stroke in combination with the broad spool ensures a high line retraction. The Zaion reel body cares for optimal distortion-proof housing of the gear and permanently silky-smooth running.

The Digigear II cares for optimal power transmission and huge retrieving power — perfect, when heavy rigs have to be retrieved frequently at feeder fishing. Regardless of specimen hunting with light tackle for zander, carp, eel or tench or medium-heavy feeder fishing — the New Emcast BR LT series covers most fields of application due to its design. The novel Tough Digigear design offers a better power transmission and higher drag power as well as a silky- smooth running.

The ATD drag cares for instant working of the drag without starting resistance and offers huge drag power at the same time. The free-spool system can be adjusted very precisely — perfect, when shy fish like trout, eel and zander should not feel any resistance when taking the bait.

The concept with a 25mm spool stroke enables the construction of a compact and lightweight reel, which combines the longcasting-benefits of a Big Pit reel. Due to the lighter weight you even can cast more precise and controlled compared to heavier Big Pit reels!

The big spool diameter enables extremely long casting distances and — in combination with the transmission of 5. Additionally, the manual bail turn reliably prevents an unwanted turning during the cast, which can lead to the loss of your rig at powerful casts.

This reel is delivered with a CNC cut aluminum handle and an additional double- handle. Depending on the individual taste, the matching handle can be used. The lightweight Zaion reel body is the foundation of the securely housed gear and guarantees permanently smooth running while the thick axis is milled of special stainless steel and easily resists the high strains of long range carp fishing.

The Slow Cross Wrap line lay teaming up with the Longcast spool edge is a key requirement for the elevation to the next level of casting performances. The spool has been milled somewhat deeper to enhance the line capacity — the new spool now offers space for m 0.

The main shaft is made of stainless steel and is considerably tougher than at the previous model. The especially developed 25mm stroke spool in combination with the large spool diameter enable the construction of a small and compact body in combination with a long spool — like this you get the function of a classical Big Pit reel combined with a considerably smaller and more lightweight reel body.

The spool diameter has been optimized by our engineers to ensure minimal line friction at casting. Additionally, the spool cone has been designed in a way, which reduces the threat of tanglings at casting. The MagSealed mechanism cares for permanently smooth running. Technological features The bail is turned by hand.

The Zaion reel body ensures a robust housing of the drive and contributes to the low weight. The 25mm spool stroke is unique and allows the design of a small and compact body with long spool. As a result you get the function of classic Big Pit reel with a remarkably lighter reel body. The 45mm spool stroke in combination with the Slow Cross Wrap SCW line lay enables extreme casting distances with minimal friction — ideally suited for long casts.

The extra-strong aluminum axis ensures highest strainability and offers enormous power reserves during the fight — during tests in France, our teamanglers could also land catfish up to 2m effortlessly and without damage at the axis.

The Digigear II offers a fully convincing ultra-smooth running and an optimal power transmission — ideally suited for retrieving the rig over great distances. Due to the newly designed Long Cast edge, the friction during the cast is reduced and thus longer casting distances are possible! With the QD drag system you can adapt to different fishing and fighting circumstances within seconds. Drag power: 15kg.

The extra strong aluminum axis ensures highest strainability and offers enormous power reserves during the fight — during tests in France, our teamanglers could also retrieve catfish up to 2m effortlessly and without damage at the axis.

Especially the innovative Slow Cross Wrap line lay cares for frictionless casts and thus optimum casting distances. The extra-thick and distortion- proof stainless steel axis offers highest security at the fight, particularly over short distances, when large specimen have to be directed to the landing net.

The Digigear II cares for a silky-smooth running and offers optimum power transmission and remarkable cm line retraction per winding. The QD drag system allows you to react to changing fishing conditions within seconds.

The spring-loaded HIP line clip spares the line and is perfectly suited for repeated and precise targeting of your feeding spot. The extra-strong and distortion-proof stainless steel axis offers the necessary security, to direct even large specimen during the fight without making compromises and to cast also heavy leads. The new Emblem Spod 35 SCW QD has been updated regarding the latest technology and now also offers the SCW line lay — in combination with the Longcast edge, the casting distance is thus additionally increased.

The 90mm aluminum power handle optimizes the power transmission during retrieving and offers tremendous power reserves to retrieve even big spods over great distances fast and easily. The bail is turned by hand to prevent unwanted turning during the cast. Both metal HIP line clips enable an easy handling during exact casts to the feeding spot and protect the line.

The conical aluminum longcast spool enables long casting distances and the HIP High Impact line clip spares the line. The QD drag allows the fast adoption of the drag power according to the situation while the Digigear gearing ensures optimal power transmission for a smooth running. The 35mm spool stroke enables maximum distances.

The Emcast offers all that at an outstanding price. Thus with this reel you get all the functions of a big pit reel combined with a markedly smaller and more lightweight reel body. The Emcast 25 A is the perfect choice for carp fishing, feeder fishing and even light sea fishing. The Crosscast convinces with its ultra-smooth running, tremendous retrieving power as well as its SCW line lay which enables longer casts due to less friction.

Thanks to the QD drag system you can immediately adapt to different fishing and fighting situations. The longcast edge reduces line friction during the cast and thus enlarges casting distances additionally. Perfect for remote feeding spots. The round HIP line clip protects the line and is optimally suited when the feeding spot has to be targeted with ultimate accuracy. The 45mm spool stroke allows extreme casting distances and offers massive retrieving power — perfect, when fishing over long ranges is required.

The LC casting edge features drastically less friction at the cast and maximizes the casting performance. Thanks to the strong retrieving power also leads of gr can be retrieved with ease. Due to the special production process and the selected material, DAIWA can offer you a reel with high retrieving power and optimal distortion-proofness at an outstanding price-performance ratio. Depending on the model, the line capacity is up to m 0. The Digigear II cares for a high power transmission at retrieving and offers optimum running.

The robust shaft made of stainless steel offers high durability and retrieving power. Thanks to the QD drag system you quickly can react to every change of the fishing situation.

Lanseta bolognesa mix carbon Baracuda Panther Bolo 4. Intrebarile si raspunsurile clientilor Ai nelamuriri? Pune o intrebare si poti primi raspuns de la comunitate.

Pune o intrebare. Publica Anuleaza. Istoricul tau de navigare. Alti vizitatori au fost interesati si de: sterge istoricul de navigare.

Creste-ti afacerea! Acces instant la sute de mii de clienti unici , zilnic Inregistrarea afacerii tale este gratuita Esti la doar cateva click-uri de vanzari spectaculoase. Vreau sa vand pe eMAG. Acces instant la sute de mii de clienti unici Inregistrarea afacerii tale este gratuita Esti la un pas de vanzari spectaculoase. X fast actions. IM-7 graphite blank. Fuji Aluminium Oxide guides. Graphite ergonomic reel seats. Custom designed alloy components.

Ultra tough EVA split grips. Top fishing guides spoke – and we listened. The result is this series of top actions for just about any angling technique in current use for Salmon. Salmon specialty actions. Natural cork grips. Folding hook keeper. Air Edge is a result of years of research and development, the time taken to create our ultimate rod series combining high-end blank innovation, design and components to release a rod range that delivers ultimate performance yet incredible value for money.

The HVF carbon fibres are laid longitudinally with minimal resin use, then rolled at extremely high temperatures and pressure to produce an exceptionally light but super strong blank. By increasing the fibre quantity and massively decreasing the resin quantity it has created increase muscle in a slimmer profile blank, thus resulting in an even stronger, leaner, lighter, sharper rod than ever before.

HVF – High volume fibre graphite blanks with X45 construction. Fuji painted graphite reel seats. Custom alloy componentry and alloy foregrips on baitcast models. Lurking in the shadows the new Phantom X spin range emerges as the deliverer of spin casting excellence and the avenger of angling authority.

Quiet, silent and deadly in attack the Phantom X spin series brings the stealth and power of the ghost who walks and combines it with contemporary design, technology and looks to stun anglers with angling excellence. EVA grips put the power and control of the blank comfortably in your hands, while Daiwa Surround Hold reel seats provide the ultimate connection between rod and reel, with their ergonomic design allowing the angler and rod to connect for ultimate synergy.

Angler connectivity is further enhanced courtesy of Fuji O guides, with their cutting edge, ultra light and highly sensitive design allowing the angler to experience the full performance and power of the blank. Lighter, stronger and more secure, Fuji O guides feature a deep-pressed frame that delivers hiend performance at an affordable price, and reduces guide twist and bending for optimum rod performance.

HVF graphite blanks. Fuji O guides. Reel seats. HVF carbon technology. Advanced in design and contemporary in features, the newest Daiwa spin rod range impresses with looks and style and excites with performance and price. A new super hero of the spin rod world has been unearthed with Phantom X. Built for ultimate performance the IM6 graphite blank is ultra light and super tough. The soft tip is ultra sensitive and casts lures with ease, accurately every time and when you do hook-up the powerful butt section is strengthened with woven carbon to help extract even the toughest fish from a snag.

These high performance rods feature stylish looks with high quality alloy componentry, woven carbon inserts and tough epoxy coated binds. Finished off with quality componentry to compliment the blank, Laguna features ultra tough AO aluminium oxide guides, stainless steel hooded graphite reel seats, sensitive EVA grips and a folding hook keeper. IM6 graphite with woven carbon construction blanks.

AO guides. Graphite reel seats. Blank through construction handles. Custom alloy componentry. Folding hook. Strikeforce composite blank is lightweight and powerful. Its fast tippy action delivers incredible casting distance. Featuring aluminium oxide guides, EVA split grips and graphite reel seat. With a mixture of technique specific models, the Procyon offers a rod to match any occasion.

Constructed from E-Glass and incorporating an integrated glass tip, these rods will suit any budget. E-Glass construction. Attractive blue cosmetic. Integrated blue glass tip. Convenient hook keeper. Hardloy guides. To bring out the best in this high performance IM-7 blank, only the best components are used. In addition the packable 4 piece design and included rod case mean that you will never have to leave the rod at home again.

Whether new to soft baiting or casting to Trout along the lakeside, the Sweepfire offers great performance and value. Looking for a Telespin rod that stands above the rest? Built on a fine carbon composite blank, boasting single foot guides and traditional cork handles, this little travel-friendly rod is guaranteed to impress. With a closed length of just 59cm and protective plastic casing, you never have to leave without it. Featuring a robust fibreglass construction, fixed bound guides with protection round joins and EVA grips.

Two popular models are available, both in a handy 3 piece configuration, offering fantastic performance. Perfectly matched to a number of Daiwa reels, these rods will offer great service to the least experienced angler all the way through to the seasoned expert. The Crossfire series incorporates a high content graphite, making for the slim, lightweight design while still allowing for low down grunt required for throwing heavy sinkers or playing large fish.

The addition of hard wearing components and high visibility tip make these rods very user friendly and puts higher end performance into the market place, while still suiting a lower budget. Great performance at a great price, the D-Surf range of rods are sure to please. Slim diameter, graphite surf rods have never been this affordable and coupled with the high density EVA grips, aluminium oxide guides and handy three piece configuration make these rods a sure winner.

The Procyon Surf offers great value for the land based newcomer. These rods break down into two handy sections, have a wooden spud and convenient hook keeper. Ideal for spending a lazy afternoon on the beach, the Procyon is sure to please. Wooden spud. White lumo tip. The Laguna Surf series offers the surfcaster a high content graphite rod, slim in diameter, lightweight but powerful enough to cast heavy sinkers.

Light and powerful composite graphite blank. Fast action. Aluminium oxide guides. EVA split grips. Its fast tippy action delivers incredible casting and fish fighting performance. Featuring aluminium oxide guides and EVA split grips. Gear Ratio: 2. Bearings: 23BB. Weight: g. Length: cm. Line Weight: 40 – lb. Pieces: 1 with detachable bent butt.

Pieces: 1. Bearings: 4BB. Gear Ratio: 6. Bearings: 4BB, 1RB. Bearings: 2BB, 1RB. Gear Ratio: 4. Bearings: 6BB, 1RB. Bearings: 5BB, 1RB. Spool Capacity: PE.

Bearings: 3BB, 1RB. Gear Ratio: 7. Bearings: 8BB, 1RB. Gear Ratio: 5. Bearings: 9BB, 1RB. Bearings: 6BB. Bearings: 3BB. Bearings: 10BB. Bearings: 2BB. Bearings: 1BB. Drag: 4kg. The most revolutionary jig to land on our shores. Whether you are fishing in shore reefs or the fast current areas of harbours, the Pirates jig is ideal for everything from snapper to kingfish. Designed for inshore fishing, the Pirates jig introduces a unique head weight design.

Featuring two tow points, the one on the front for fast vertical jigging and a middle mounted tow point for generating a wobbling action when slowly retrieved, the applications for this jig are endless. Use the front tow point for rapid retrieving for kingfish and tuna and the middle for reef species like snapper. These jigs are asymmetrically-shaped and not only flutter on descent and ascent but also vibrate at a harmonic pitch that seems to fill fish with an irresistable urge to bite!

Using UV paint to accentuate key features that the lure designer wants to highlight – such as the red eyes and flashing gills of a baitfish in distress as it flees, attracting the predatory fish to the line. This slider is tailor made for super-sized tuna, kingfish and trevally and can be made comfortably cast all-day long thanks to its aerodynamic torpedo design and profile.

Featuring a multi chambered, high pressure injected construction process this super powered slider is unmatched in strength, with its optimally designed through-wire construction capable of withstanding whatever is thrown at it. Skeleton Iwashi. By adjusting the internal balance weight ever so slightly the new Dorado achieves a quicker dive action, in turn improving lure performance and fish catching capabilities.

The aerodynamic profile and balanced internal design allows rocket like casts to be made, while its precisely tuned buoyancy facilitates effortless retrieves and an enticing action that drives big fish crazy. Laser Tobiuo. Featuring the famous Daiwa Pencil cup face, the Dorado produces that sweet pop sound, attractive pop splash, and enticing bubble trail through the gills, while its indestructible through-wire construction makes it bullet proof and untouchable as the premier big fish pencil.

Featuring the famous Slider build quality and design brilliance few lures look as good, perform as flawlessly and match the 14S for fish catching ability. Indestructible in design and construction this is the ultimate mid-sized, big fish slider. Designed for deep water fishing with Dendoh Style power assist reels, eight woven braids make it super-strong, yet one of the finest diameter braids available, less affected by currents for a straighter, more accurate drop.

Its smooth surface means less friction and noise from guides on the retrieve. Colour changes every ten meters, with five and one metre indicators, shows depth and line movement. Coded for quick programming into Dendoh reel memory for maximum readout accuracy.

Tournament 8 braid is made from non stretch Polyethylene otherwise known as PE. Interwoven from eight composed strands it maintains a superior round profile and delivers ultra high abrasion resistance. The colour calibrated Accudepth has already proven its value as a concept that improves accuracy and establishing fishing depths. Interwoven non stretch PE fibre. High strength and low diameter.

The performance of the Shinobi braid is only matched by its awesome value for money. The zero stretch enhances bite and detection but it is also the amazing strength to diameter ratio that proves an asset to lure anglers, specialists and those using the feeder. Each breaking strain has been constructed through selected volume of strands ensuring that low diameters are achieved. Hi vis yellow. Round profile. Ultra soft and flexible. Ultra High Abrasion resistance.

Made in Japan from polyethylene PE , 8 ply weave, hi-vis yellow with round profile. Metered every 25 metres. Fish-Off is a unique product designed to remove all the grime and smells that are an inevitable part of fishing.

Not only does Fish-Off work after you fish but it is extremely useful before and during your fishing trip. Great for reducing unwanted smells on your hands e. Specifically designed to remove even the toughest fishing grime and odours from your hands after you fish. Bugz-Off is a personal insect repellent developed in Australia.

A quick and convenient solution for repelling those pesky mosquitos and flies. Bugz-Off means no repellent over-spray into the mouth and easy application to sensitive areas like the face to give total coverage.

The handy travel pack means this product is quick and convenient to use and easily stored inside the car or picnic bag for easy access. The double sealed pack also enables for longer shelf life. Be the envy of all your mates with your very own Daiwa hood. This stylish pullover hoodie can be worn on the water or as streetwear. Featuring our unique graphic design on the back, and prominent Daiwa logo on front chest, back and sleeves. Stylish pullover hoodie with unique graphic design featured on back.

Daiwa logo. Super heavy gsm. Featuring our unique graphic design on the back, and prominent Daiwa logo on left front chest and back. Taped neck and shoulders. Double-needle sleeve and bottom hems. Quarterturned to eliminate centre crease. Seamless double needle 2cm collar. Real Control Results in less line trouble, longer casting, enhanced performance Real Endurance Designed to deliver a faultless performance year after year CRBB The Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing is a sealed mechanism that contains low viscosity oil.

Massive multi-disc drag system Centrifugal cast control. Two position power handle Hi-tensile aluminium spool. Free floating spool. Composite body, side cover and rotor. Folding titanium nitride lip. Metal rear cover spool GS9 GS9 series have been the stable mate of the charter fishing industry, built to withstand tough saltwater conditions and provide years of service. Lifetime bail spring ABS aluminium spool spin Three stainless steel ball bearings. Pre spooled.

Comes pre-spooled and ready to go! Graphite Spool. Surf size. Graphite construction. Smooth main drag with front adjustment Infinite Anti-Reverse. ABS Spool design. Real Four AirBail.



Catalogue Daiwa en by Mauro Licata – Issuu – Customer Reviews

Free spool mechanism with click-sound y. Left hand version Team Daiwa Feeder 3m – another milestone within DAIWA’s rod construction technology. DAIWA Fishing Tackle ! , F Feeder rods The free-spool system can be adjusted very precisely – perfect, when shy fish like trout. This reel is a real all- rounder for feeder fishing or stalking, for fishing for a series of small and compact free spool reels for all-round fishing.


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